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Very few things in life are as fun as an air hockey table. A night out playing air hockey with your friends is always a great time. If only there was a way to enjoy that same type of fun and excitement in your own home or your office.

We sell a wide variety of air hockey tables for sale, including furniture-grade tables and high-speed tables. These fun tabletop games are no longer cost-prohibitive; we offer great prices on new tables as well as certified refurbished air hockey tables that look as good as a new table and are guaranteed to work.

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We are your source for new or restored tabletop air hockey machines for sale. We also carry a variety of sizes sale to fit your needs ranging from small (40 inches) to large (8 feet). Some of our table models are even multi-use allowing for additional gameplay of popular table games such as ping pong, foosball, and pool.

Select from reputable manufacturers including:
  • Berner Billards
  • Playcraft Industries
  • Performance Games Inc.
  • Great American
  • Fat Cat
  • Shelti
  • Viper
  • Barron Games
  • ICE

We Carry Home Model, Coin Operated, & Refurbished Air Hockey Tables

Our new, home model air hockey tables are primarily meant for home use. They can be placed in your game room, mancave, garage, family room, or wherever else you desire for infinite play. 

Coin operated air hockey tables can be used in both the home and in commercial settings. They work great in arcades, bars, lobbies, schools, and many other places. Since they are coined operated, the revenue will flow as losing opponents demand rematches as the plastic pucks slip past the plastic mallet into the goal.
Our inventory of Restored Machines that have been refurbished to their former glory and are generally cheaper than a brand-new air hockey machine. All of our restored air hockey tables come with a warranty valid for 90 days unless purchased "as is".

Whichever air hockey table you decide to purchase, hours of fun are in store. We offer reliable shipping to all 50 states, accept credit cards, and have financing available. For any questions or comments feel free to contact us by calling us at (717) 887-5293, emailing us at, or by filling out the form on the contact us page.

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