We at M&P offer two different ways to buy your pinball machine. This is great if you're a collector who wants a near perfect machine. Or if you would like to save money and like shopping out your own machine, you can buy from us "as is" for a discount. All of our arcade machines are fully shopped or sold as is.

Full Shop

This is the supreme level. These machines will be 100% done when you get them. We do the following in this instance:

Cabinet is gone over and touched up as necessary to make it look as close to new as possible. Some people don't want this done, if you're one of them just ask us not to.

Play field is completely disassembled cleaned and polished.

All plastics are cleaned, and will be in nice condition.

We install all new rubbers and bulbs.

Playfield underside, Cabinet & Backbox insides cleaned and and gone over.

All mechanical components are cleaned & serviced to insure proper operation.

All electronic assemblies are also serviced to insure proper operation.

Cabinet scratches and scuffs repaired, repainted and coated for protection.

Machine comes with a brand new set of legs and adjusters.

*ALL Full Shop pins carry a 90 day warranty on the boards and display(s).

As Is (available by request)

For the serious hobbyist or reseller only. There will be cleaning and repairs needed. Not always for the faint of heart.

Machine is checked for proper working voltage set. Boards and displays will work.

*ALL As Is pins carry no warranty on the boards and display(s).
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